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They consider that the "oriental carpet is neither of nomadic origin, nor do its origins lie in Central Asia; it is a product of ancient oriental civilizations in the Armenian Uplands at the crossroads of the oldest trade routes between west, north and south".

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A vivid example of this occurs each September in the Republic of Armenia. A Journey among the Armenians, 2nd ed.

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Only a last-ditch effort at the gates of Yerevan saved the Armenians of the east in Russian Armenia from the fate of their western compatriots in Turkey.

Social Problems and Control. They stopped the Arabian expansion toward the north and provided emperors to the Byzantine throne. During Soviet rule, free infant day care was available to all, but Armenians preferred to leave their infants with grandmothers and Armenian folk dancers in Yerevan.

This is the route Christians believe Jesus traveled carrying the cross from his trial to the place of his crucifixion and burial. Columbia University Press, ]. In the s, linguists drew attention to the existence of many similarities between the Indo-European and Semitic languages.

On 12 Januarya special commission to administer the Karabakh region, under the direct control of Moscow, was established. Armenia is still recovering from a severe earthquake that destroyed several cities and killed some 50, people.

The Old City covers roughly acres one square kilometer. The post independence period has also witnessed a rise in awareness in the media of organized crime and sex service rings.

Armenian traditional music differs from its oriental counterparts by its sobriety. In this way, missionaries indirectly inspired reform-minded Armenians to form their own Protestant denominations, principally Congregationalist, Evangelical, and Presbyterian.

One hundred fifty thousand report Armenian as the language spoken at home inup fromin Present-day Armenia—the republic of Armenia—is a small mountainous republic that gained its independence inafter seven decades of Soviet rule.

There are also two patriarchates: From the historical depths of its culture and the dispersion of its bearers, it has acquired a richness and diversity rarely achieved within a single national entity, while keeping many fundamental elements that ensure its unity.

The Armenians are not Palestinians, but they generally sympathize with their political agenda, although the Armenians have not supported the idea of Palestinian control over the Old City. Although the independent Republic of Armenia has existed sinceit is misleading to term it a homeland like, for example, Sweden is for Swedish Americans, for a few reasons.

The Armenian plateau thus became subject to the advances of three empires. Many Armenians wonder if the speaking of Armenian is essential for future national survival. Only five percent do not identify as "Armenian" at all.

At least one old manuscript raises the possibility of an Armenian who sailed with Columbus. At puberty they are disciplined and are expected to take on responsibilities. A report of a United Nations human rights subcommission gave the figure of "at least one million.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Find wedding inspiration on our blog, Armenian wedding traditions, and details on the Harsanik Bridal Show. HISTORY The Armenian homeland lies at the crossroads of Asia Minor, which links Europe with the Middle and Far East.

The plateau's original settlers, beginning about B.C., were the various Aryan tribes of Armens and Hayasas who later melded to form.

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Women in Armenia have been officially guaranteed gender equality since the establishment of the Republic of Armenia in This has enabled women to actively participate in all spheres of Armenian life. Armenian women have attained prominence in entertainment, politics and other fields.

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Armenian women dating
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